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Your checklist for an Elite online shopping experience with eZone.

July 22, 2022

Online shopping has become more commonplace as we come out of this Covid pandemic. During the 2 years of this global lockdown and shortages, people have switched to various online retailers to shop, not only for their personal needs but also for their business needs as well. We are slowly transitioning from the brick and mortar shopping experience, and the larger freight shipments, to “just in time”, express shipments for everyday needs. You simply cannot compete with the variety, accessibility, and pricing available online, in the marketplace today.

What this means, is that there is an increase in smaller shipments, moving with greater frequency, for both personal and business use through our airports and Customs facilities. As such, it is even more imperative for us to have all the correct information, description of the item(s), the associated value and/or invoice for the shipment(s), and the supplier from whom you would have purchased the item(s). These are very important bits of information our Customs officials will use to identify risks if any, and duties and taxes where applicable, in a fast efficient manner, to avoid congestion and delays at the airports.

So it is with this in mind, that we at eZone have developed our eZ Elite service, that allows our customers to log in, (in advance of the arrival of any item(s)) and input key bits of information. This will not only greatly assist us in our internal processing of the packages when it arrives at our facilities, but in addition, it will give us the necessary information Customs will need for their official processes as well.

Information such as supplier and description allows them to ascertain the risk level, if any, associated with the particular shipment, in terms of border security and license requirements where applicable. The weight and value assist in their assessment of the intended use, whether it may be simply for personal use, or a more commercial utilization, such as resale, or operational use.

The checklist of information therefore will be simply this …

  1. The delivery/tracking information for the various shipments you will be expecting or which you ordered online. This assists us with identifying your shipment correctly and quickly.
  2. The name of the supplier (the company who will be sending/selling you the item(s)). This is a Customs requirement.
  3. The complete/simple description of the item(s). This helps to allocate the correct tariff code and applicable duties and taxes if any.
  4. The value/invoice applicable for the item(s). This aids in the computation of any duties and taxes where applicable.

Once this procedure is regularly done in advance, right after completing your order/purchase, it easily becomes routine and allows you to become more compliant, and less of a risk in the eyes of the Customs officials. You will then enjoy a much better service overall when using our service.

Now you’re ready to shop and ship the Elite way!