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Use our shipping calculator to estimate your freight, customs duties & taxes. Also, you can also click on your country from the table below for shipping rates and other pertinent information. With London and Canada, kindly ensure you enter the dimensions ( length, width & height )of your package.

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eZone has shipping hubs in Miami, Amsterdam, Canada and London. The shipping costs to your home will vary depending on which hub you choose.

When ordering online from the US please use this eZone address:


4411 NW 74th Avenue Miami, FL 33195

When ordering online from the UK, Netherlands or Canada, please first contact your local agent.


Unit 9 Egham Business Park Ten Acre Lane Egham, Surrey TW20 8EY

Amsterdam (only available for Bonaire)

AFH Aalsmeerderweg 537A,1437EG Rozenburg, Netherlands


c/o Jet Worldwide 2672, Rue Sabourin St. Laurent Quebec H4S1M2

Click on your country from the table below for freight rates and other pertinent shipping information.

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