eZ rewards program

It’s eZ, you ship – we reward you.

At eZone we believe that someone as great as you should be rewarded!

Upon signing up with eZone you are automatically enrolled in our eZ Rewards Program. eZ Rewards Points are earned on each delivered shipment, this means the more you ship, the more eZ rewards points you get.

eZ rewards points can be redeemed or converted into eZone vouchers, which can be used to offset charges on future shipments.

To view your eZ rewards program points simply login to your eZone Account by entering your account number (e.g. CUR33333) then enter your chosen password. Points are updated daily and can be earned in the following ways:

Per Pound shipped – 1 point
Maximum points per shipment – 5 points

Redeeming your eZ rewards program points for vouchers is limited to 2 vouchers per calendar month.

*It is important that all customers have a personal email address on file. This is required for participation in the eZ Rewards Program and for notification of shipment status. If you do not have a personal email address, please contact your local eZone office and we will be happy to help you create one.

*eZ Rewards points automatically expire after 12 months unless they are redeemed for a voucher.