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Service Destination
Trinidad and Tobago

Detailed below are the services provided and applicable restrictions: - Please note Rates and Services are subject to change without notice

Subscription/Renewal Fee - FREE

The above fees include, the receiving, sorting and bagging of your packages on a daily basis in Miami.

Packages can be shipped to your Ezone address via

  • Any Postal Service
  • Domestic or Courier Services
  • Hand or personal delivery

Package Examples

  • CD's, Books, Clothes
  • Catalogue / Mail order merchandise
  • Parts and replacements
  • Product samples
  • Retail Purchases
  • Electronic Items, Computers, Accessories, etc…

Restricted Commodities

  • Hazardous materials, cash, perishables, negotiable securities, animal skins, firearms, aerosol cans, perfumes etc.

Weight and Package Information

  • Dimensional weight or actual weight (whichever is greater) may be charged
  • Dimensional weight calculations (measurements must be in inches) [Length x Width x Height) / 166]
  • Maximum weight allowed is 150 lbs per piece (unlimited pieces)
  • C.O.D. shipments will be refused
  • Ezone is not liable for damage or loss of items while handled by overseas Postal and Courier authorities
  • Persons may share the service, however ALL names MUST be given/entered into the client information.
  • One person will be responsible for all charges and delivery is made to only one address

Dutiable Shipments

  • A commercial invoice (or any invoice), regardless of the value must accompany all non-document shipments. A delay may occur, pending receipt of proper documentation.
  • Customer's shipments consisting of books, CD's, clothes, documents etc., will be cleared automatically as "Non Trade", unless prior arrangements have been made in writing.
  • Customs & Excise request that a "Formal Entry" be done for "Trade" shipments that are "Dutiable"; therefore you will receive the necessary documentation for clearance in these instances.
  • E Zone can assist in the preparation and lodging of "Formal Entries", should you so require.
  • Duty paid on "Non-Trade" shipments (on your behalf) is C.O.D. ONLY.
  • A Service Fee may be charged for clearance of dutiable items that incur Duties, Consumption Tax, and/or Customs Service Charges.

'Non Trade' shipments are packages imported for personal use.

'Trade' shipments are packages imported for commercial use and/or value which exceeds the legal amount for 'Non Trade'

We are unfortunately unable to deliver to the following areas in trinidad due to high levels of crime, violence / gang warfare etc:


  • Powder Magazine
  • Water Hole Cocorite

Diego Martin:

  • Bagatelle
  • Blue Basin
  • Covigne


  • Duke Street East
  • Picadilly Street East


  • Block 22
  • Eastern Quarry
  • John John/ Picton
  • Laventille Rd.
  • Pritzgaland
  • St. Barb's
  • Success
  • Trou Macaque
  • Upper Pashley st


  • Sesame Street, Pinto Road, Arima
  • Maloney Gardens


  • Betham Gardens
  • Caladonia
  • Chinapoo
  • Mon Repos
  • Paradise Heights
  • Red Hill
  • Romain Land

St. James:

  • Dundonald Hill
  • Niles Street
  • Upper Bournes Road "Coco"
  • Waterhole

Certains areas in Belmont:

  • Can deliver to Observatory Street and all areas within Belmont Circular and Jerningham Avenue

E Couriers Ltd.

Unit 802
Fernandes Industrial Centre
Eastern Main Road
Trinidad, West Indies.
Tel / Fax : (868) 626-2345

Ocean Mist Building
Milford Road
Crown Point
Tobago, West Indies.
Tel / Fax : (868) 660-8116
Email :

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